Webflow: or web up to 50% cheaper

If you need a new website these days, you have a big advantage. Until relatively recently, if you needed a new "individual" website, you didn't have many options. More or less the most common option was a Wordpress website. And with that, the price went up quite a bit. Of course, if we are talking about a quality website that will realistically bring you business effect, conversions. Not one from students or inexperienced webmasters.

Today, however, there are a number of technologies that can help you save significantly on an individual website. And the most interesting one, which we at CubesDigital use, is Webflow.

What is Webflow

Webflow is a web tool for creating websites, microsites and online stores. However, in the case of e-shop only under specific conditions for the Czech Republic.

The advantage is the acceleration of web development

Projects in this tool can be built by "dragging and dropping elements" - making any development more efficient and faster. But it's not a classic builder like you may know from competing Wordpress - unless you are a designer with at least basic knowledge of HTML/CSS coding, or a coder directly, you won't create much. On the other hand, compared to the classic builders, it produces high quality and valid code. It's a very powerful and modern tool that can save up to 50% of the costs of web development projects - both for initial development and for subsequent development and modifications. Even more so if the project is to include currently popular animations - these are very expensive to create using the classic form of development.

This is why we are increasingly using it for classic corporate websites and microsites for our clients at CubesDigital instead of Wordpress. What's more, it's the best option from our point of view for this kind of sites. Moreover, the same opinion is already shared by a huge group of agencies around the world, including the leading big ones. It's long past being a toy for alternative web development, but a high-quality, robust and professional tool of the future.

You don't have to worry about security on a regular basis

The advantage, besides the considerable financial savings during the creation, is that there is no need to take care of the website regularly. For example, Wordpress is built as opensource - that is, its source files are freely available and so it is a frequent target for hackers. The risk can be minimized, or even almost completely erased - but in that case, you need to take care of the site regularly, updating both the core Wordpress and its modules, making it more expensive.

On the other hand, Wordpress also has its advantages over Webflow, you can learn more in this article.Below you can see a sample of the development environment and editing part - you can edit the content just like you would edit it in Word.

The output from Webflow is either pure HTML/CSS code for static pages, or dynamic pages that include a CMS layer (i.e. you can edit the content as in Word). In this case, the site must be hosted by Webflow, unlike the static version - you can see the pricing here. If you compare it with the prices of hosting in the Czech Republic, they are a bit higher (although Wordpress has to have quality hosting and thus it is also more expensive). But you need to remember that you don't have to deal with traffic load, regular management which we described above and of course there is also "renting" the CMS part of Webflow.

If we add to this the mentioned savings for development, Webflow is nowadays, as we have already written, absolutely ideal for corporate websites and microsites.If you are interested in such a website, check out our offer of website and microsite development, where you will also find the price range. Or contact us directly.

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