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Choosing a web service provider or even assembling your own team of professionals is not an easy, quick or even cheap task. That's why we're here. Since 2015, we've been building a community of our proven digital creators, which now numbers 80+ experts with a primary focus on UX & UI Design, no-code technologies like Webflow, and developing custom web solutions.

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80+ online experts

precise and functional web, application and e-shop design

ux & ui design

complete implementation of websites and microsites on no-code technologies

webflow & shopify

video, 3D, moution design a Unreal engine

video & identity

development of add-ons and individual web applications

js, .net & php

internet marketing, social networks, PPC, consulting


300+ projects from 2015

CubesDigital has become our exclusive partner for web design, management and development for the last 5 years. During this period we have managed to find a common language and insight into the presentation of the company and services, which we are still trying to develop. This is helped by the calmness, discretion and marketing mindset of Mr. Svejda with the technological quality of his team who are not afraid to try new things. The collaboration is working well and we continue to expand it.

Lukáš Opat
— Hrdlička Holding

We are very satisfied with CubesDigital. We especially appreciate the structured process of the whole project. Throughout the process, Mr. Švejda answered all our questions in an informed manner and responded flexibly and rationally to all our requests. We look forward to further cooperation.

Matěj Přibyl

We have been working with CubesDigital since the beginning of our company. They designed our corporate identity, created the website and graphic design of the web application we provide to our clients. Cooperation with agencies is not easy. Previously, we worked with three organizations and had to part ways. But with Pavel and his team we have settled down and we get on well, we are very happy. What's more, our clients admire the result, which is of international quality!

Jan Pavelka
— Talterra
How do we work and function?

Our team includes several web experts who have been helping companies succeed in the digital world for years. They have gained their experience by working for leading agencies or through their own businesses. It is these digital experts that the whole process is tied to - they will be your point of contact, they assemble, lead and supervise the implementation team (often being part of it themselves), design strategies and provide you with complete support to make sure everything works out the way it should.

One of them is Pavel Švejda, who will be your first contact in CubesDigital. Besides being a digital designer, Webflow expert and web consultant, he is also the founder of CubesDigital s.r.o. , a company that creates and manages the community that creates your projects.

What are we the best at? Design and no-code technology, not just...

Our primary focus is UX & UI Design of websites, applications, e-shops and corporate identities. We also use no-code technologies such as Webflow (for microsites and corporate websites) or Shopify (for e-shops).

We also have Javascript, .NET, PHP or Wordpress programmers and designers of advertising banners, print materials etc.

From a marketing perspective, we design campaigns, marketing strategies, social media management / PPC or copywriting.

What is no-code and why is it the future?

No-code applications have been around for basically 20 years. However, they have never been in such a state that they are professional applications. But that's all gone now, and this style of development is gaining a lot of attention, displacing standard practices and with them, coders and programmers who don't specialize in large-scale, individual and demanding applications. And this is primarily in the field of corporate websites, microsites or specific e-shops, where we talk about Webflow. On the other hand, for full-fledged e-shops, we're talking about Shopify.

However, this includes a whole host of additional applications and tools that can be interconnected to create almost anything that would have cost multiples before.

Can I order the team myself?

We are able to manage your implementation team from start to finish. However, if you want to lead the team yourself, we can set it up according to your requirements and leave the subsequent management to you. This can be ideal in the case of a corporation or digital agency.

Information about our community and who is in it

Every web developer that is in our community has been thoroughly tested. We have learned his/her strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to appropriately connect creators to create great functional implementation teams that we would put our hands on.

And specific names? Although we don't outright hide them, we still don't want to present them directly on our website, at least not yet. We see it as our know how. Especially at the present time, when there is a shortage of quality people. We will introduce them to you at the right time, either in the realizations or eventually on the web.

There are both leading creators with big names and less known but talented creators. Specifically, we are now over 80+ digital creators.

And the prices? We are excellent for cost optimization

We charge an hourly rate of 50 USD for our work in managing teams and projects, assembling teams, consulting and designing strategies.

The implementation itself is then priced according to the prices of the freelancers involved in the project. Depending on their specialization and experience, our freelancers charge from 18 USD up to70 USD. Which no classic digital agency will offer you-where you will always have a uniform hourly rate, where tens to hundreds of percent extra are standard.

Most of the time we work according to a pre-determined pricing.

How quickly are we able to respond to your enquiry?

We respond to inquiries within a maximum of 24 hours, but most often within 12 hours.

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